LCD screens:
1) Display screen: 10.4”
2) Display screen of handpiece
Display screen on handpiece 4: 2.4″
Display screen on handpiece 1: 1.9″
Working mode:Pulse
Pulse width:0.5s-7.5s
Negative pressure:
1) Absolute value: 80kPa -10kPa (60.8cmHg – 7.6cmHg)
2) Relative value: 20kPa -90kPa (15.2cmHg – 68.4cmHg)
Rev of roller:0-36 rpm
Working mode for roller:4 types
Safety checking
Real time on line
RF frequency:1MHz/5MHz
RF energy density:Max: 60J/cm
Laser wavelength:940nm
Laser power:MAX 20W
Number of handpiece:4
Treatment area:4mmx7mm,8mmx25mm,30mmx50mm,40mmx60mm
Rated input power:750VA
Mode of power supply
AC230V±10%,50Hz±1Hz/ AC110V±10%,60Hz±1Hz (Optional)
Machine size:535*348*1075mm

Five handle technologies

  1. RF radio frequency-to heat up the adipose tissue at a depth of 10-15mm and accelerate the decomposition of triglycerides.
  2. Negative air pressure-regular negative pressure massage can promote lymphatic drainage and reduce the volume of fat cells.
  3. Motorized roller-four modes of roller massage to break up fat connective tissue.
  4. LED-690NM LED red light can stimulate the tissues below the dermis to prevent skin sagging after slimming.
  5. Near-infrared light-increase the oxygen content of the human body, which can convert inert water into independent water molecules.

The five technologies are applied at the same time. The stimulation and massage of connective tissue and adipose tissue promote the elimination of metabolic wastes of the living body and the oxidation of tissues, and restore the normal arrangement of connective tissues.