System control: Lithuanian + English + Russian + your chosen languages!

Energy density: 10~60J/CM2 1200W for a handle

Programmable settings: YES

Pulse rate: 1~6HZ 1200W for a handle

Pulse length: 10~300MS

Laser power: 1200w

Wavelength: Triple wave lasers (808nm+755nm+1064nm)

Diode size: 15*40mm2 1200W (10 bar)

Sapphire Smart Cooling system: Water + TEC 450W + Air

Handle cooling: crystal cooling method (up to -10 °C)

Machine screen size: 12 inches, resolution 1024×768

Handle screen size: 2,4 inches

Hair removal modes: Smart mode and Expert mode

Functions: Hair removal + Skin rejuvenation

Warning system: water temperature in the tank, crystal temperature in the handle, water flow

Color: Grey

Size (H*L*W): 1350mm*602mm*500mm

Weight Netto/Bruto: 90kg/110kg

Package size (H*L*W): 1550mm*750mm*590mm

Machine warranty: 2 years + goodwill forever.

Diode laser warranty: (American manufacturer 20 million flashes or 1 year (whichever comes first)